Fisantekraal Stats:

Approximately 50 000 people & growing exponentially

75% of the community is under age of 20.

High rate of unemployment, gangsterism, alcoholism, drug use & abuse.

Almost no resources/programs/ interventions for youth.

Over 400 foster care applications in process & a need for more due to the high rate of abuse & neglect.

“A ticking time bomb” according to Department of Social.

Our current house

We have been working in the community of Fisantekraal since early 2019. We are currently renting a house which we were able to acquire in November 2019, which we utilise as our place of operations. The house has provided us with the opportunity to truly establish ourselves within the community which has allowed us to build trust & engage in dialogue about the needs of the community & most importantly allowed us the space to effectively support & engage some of the families & destitute children who live there. We run our after school educational support programs, a few talent development interventions & parenting workshops from this space as well as utilising it as a safe space for our social workers to engage with the foster families; when we first arrived in Fisantekraal there were no active social workers in the area, and we now have 3 social workers, working from 9 – 2pm, three times a week, from this space. Unfortunately however, we are extremely limited in how many children & families we can impact due to the limited space and we are unable to run any of our sporting codes from this venue, and so look forward to having our multi-purpose community centre up and running soon, with your support.

Partners & Sponsors

EMI Architects & Engineers
Power Construction
Swiss RE

Become a Defender of orphan & vulnerable children through Prayer, a financial partnership & participation.