We launched the adult, child and teens currency programs at the beginning of the year. All our adult beneficiaries get opportunities to earn a number of points when attending any of our #training & #development programs, whether it be personal development or leadership classes, bible study, parent training, parent support groups etc. These accumulated points are then exchanged at the end of every monthly for things like non perishable food staples, toiletries, home ware items, clothing etc.

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We launched the Parents support group for those that need the help from their peers but also from a trained and qualified professional. Dr. Jean Brown provides our parents and children with the needed support around trauma, divorce and the loss of loved ones.

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Through our partnership with Teneo, Africa's Number 1 online Platform. We offer learners who cannot attend conventional school the opportunity to learn and thrive in a safe and secure environment.

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New Arrivals

Mondays our kids start the week off with Bible Study as part of their afterschool programs and this year we have partnered with CBN South Africa to introduce Superbook. CBN's Animation Superbook is a bible study application which teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend.

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Our Music Teacher uses song and instruments to unearth some hidden talents in our kids, creating a love for music and it also assists with the release of Trauma

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Our Art Therapists focus on Biblical teaching through the use of various artistic styles. The focus is creation, identity, self-worth and Gods Love.

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Through the Movement of Dance our kids learn to release Trauma as well as a new skill.

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Acting enables us to deal with tricky subjects but also teach Identity.

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Our Adult and youth program is created and facilitated by our gifted and John Maxwell certified volunteer Delfina, she provides them with a safe place to engage about issues they face, we equip them with the tools to deal with life. Michael facilitates his course aimed at boys and girls and we have fun, through sport, games and some food.

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The Fathers Heart, in partnership with Leelyn Management and the City Of Cape Town, opened a new doorway to opportunities for the community of Fisantekraal. Creating mechanisms to support and equip the vulnerable community through Job Creation and Skills Development is one of our core pillars. We joined forces with Leelyn Management to bring new technological innovation which allows community members to build up skills and connect with potential employers. We have already had over 300 community members benefit from this intervention in our first activation. We will also be a support for the community on the ground, so they can visit our centre for help to get registered on the App.

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Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story.
- Josh Shipp