Our Story

In 2022, we realized that the area of Fisantekraal, like many others, had a major issue with its schooling infrastructure, or the lack thereof. In the years of working with the youth and adults in this community it was obvious that they needed an alternative to the mainstream schooling that was not equipped to handle the number of children with trauma in the schools. In the years since 2019 we had noticed a high rise in bullying, behavioral problems and drop outs and in a revelation, it was clear, we needed to create an Online platform that would provide a reliable, safe space for these learners. We turned our Office into a Online School Facility, thanks to the partnerships with, DG and MorClick, we were able to provide 20 learners with Laptops and internet access. We have been monitoring and evaluating not only their academic progress, but their overall behavior in this new environment. We have since seen growth in these learners, not without the expected challenges, but we know that this first of its kind for the community will take time to be perfected. Our Youth and Child Center will allow the expansion of this offering to many more.

Our Partner

Think Digital is a 5x winning online school platform. Think Digital Academy prides itself in providing world-class online learning to students all over the world. We present our curricula in an interactive, engaging, and effective way for virtual school students.

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Our Mission

TFH in Partnership with Think Digital believes that everyone should have access to quality education, but not just education, a system that works for them. Poverty or Lack of infrastructure should not be allowed to prevent our youth and adults from achieving their educational goals. In 2024 the Child and Youth Center we are building, will offer space for 70 learners.