Fisantekraal Community

Densely Populated Area, Approximately 40 000 

Socioeconomic Issues
High rate of unemployment, gangsterism, alcoholism, drug use & abuse, lack of schooling and lack of Resources for Children and Adults
Over 400 Foster Cases Pending. 
Almost no resources/programs/ interventions for youth.

How We Address It
what we do
We are a God centric organization, who’s vision is to transform the life of every orphan & vulnerable child, by re-establishing their God given identity and purpose and restoring healthy, loving family environments thereby building strong, stable communities within which they can thrive. Our model is built on 5 main pillars: Training & Equipping parents, Growing & Developing Children, providing access to quality education, social protection of the most vulnerable in our society: orphans and job creation & skills development.
All our activities and interventions are specifically aligned to not only provide access to resources and opportunities not previously available to the impoverished community of Fisantekraal, but more importantly, they are designed to draw people closer to The Father, to show His care & kindness to them through their engagement with us and our partners, and restore their lives through His love. Ultimately, we want to show them in word and deed, The Fathers Heart.
Our Solutions
We Provide A Holistic Solution
Training & equipping parents & guardians
through parenting courses, soft skills & personal development training, psychosocial support & mentoring programs. We also provide access to public services and create environments to cultivate social capital within communities
Facilitating access to quality education
for all our beneficiaries and providing access to resources to resolve any external factors impeding their education. We also focus on literacy and numeracy skills at all levels to provide the best foundation from which to launch their futures.
Social Protection
through support & holistic care of the most vulnerable in our society: orphans. Dedicated Foster Family Program provides support & empowers those caring for orphans.
Job creation & skills development
specifically aimed at foster parents & unemployed, low skilled youth & adults. Support in generating sustainable livelihoods through various partner networks. Additional job creation through on site social enterprises.
Growing & Developing Vulnerable Children
Through afterschool programs, mentorship programs, psychosocial support & various talent development programs to mitigate the social marginalization prevalent in impoverished communities
Online Schooling
Through our partnership with Teneo, Africa's Number 1 online Platform. We offer learners who cannot attend conventional school the opportunity to learn and thrive in a safe and secure environment.