Shining the spotlight on a Bright Partnership

The Brights Partnership is one of The Fathers Heart Community Development’s first major supporter who have invested in our vision. We caught up with Nita Louis, founding director of Brights to share more about why she supports The Fathers Heart. 

Q. Tell us a bit about Brights, what is important to you as a company and what sets you apart?

Brights was started in 1971 by my husband and I, just over 53 years in establishment. With it being quite a long time ago we did things a lot differently to what we do now. Having started the business in the middle of a depression, it was more a case of survival and making a living than sustainability. Through the years as our business progressed and things changed, I was drawn more and more closer to what it was God wanted for me, and in 2000 I gave my heart to Jesus and everything changed. For the first time I realised that there is so much more to life and God’s purposes and plans became even clearer for me about Brights needing to be a model in the marketplace. It’s been a process, being positively influenced by various ministries and what it means to be an ambassador and model, and in which ways we can make a difference for the Kingdom as we continue on this journey. 

Q. What inspired you to support The Fathers Heart?

When I looked at the organisation’s vision - it was something I always felt that I could connect with and see value in. I didn’t know much about Fisantekraal until I got to know The Fathers Heart. For me, it was just another informal settlement I knew about, but as I learned more about this impoverished community, I made it part of my responsibility to help make a difference in the lives of people that have been pushed aside. As Christians we have an obligation and mandate to help to alleviate and help to transform our society. And with Fisantekraal being right on my doorstep, I felt that this was the mission field that I wanted and needed to take part in. We don’t need to look far; we have opportunities right where God has planted us. 

Q. In your opinion, what makes this organisation's approach to supporting orphaned and vulnerable children unique or effective?

With the organisation being called to start something in Fisantekraal, it inspired and moved us. By assisting in long term interventions in developing the community and looking after the orphan and vulnerable, in a way that brings dignity and transformation is unique. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to be involved in a community where there is such a great need. I sometimes wonder where do we start, as the need is so big, coupled with the high unemployment rate, and the community living in poverty, there is much work to be done.


Q. What impact do you hope your support will have on the lives of the children this organisation serves?

I believe the heart of The Fathers Heart is to equip people to transform the lives of the community. We know that the work is a long-term process, but I believe God will continue to work in the hearts of the people and in a few years’ time, we will witness the snowball effect of the good work that has been done in this community.


Q. How do you stay engaged with this organisation and its work, and what other ways do you support their mission beyond financial contributions?

Our engagement is more than transactional, but I have built up a relationship with The Fathers Heart, and we are available for whenever they need us. Even though we are not working on the ground, we are there to support them, financially or spiritually in prayer


Q. Finally, what would you say to someone who is considering supporting this organisation, but is not yet convinced of their impact or effectiveness?

It’s important for us to have opportunities for people to see what is happening in Fisantekraal and I think once that that person gets to see the impact, we can trust that God would touch their hearts to move as well and make it part of their mission.


We are grateful for corporates like Brights who are not only passionate about investing into their staff and clients, but into the lives of those less fortunate. They have made a tangible impact in our critical work, having journeyed with us from the very beginning through finances, prayers, donations in kind. Please support this wonderful company; by supporting them, you are supporting the vulnerable families in Fisantekraal.